Dr. Gregory graduated with honors from Pacific Lutheran University (1995) with a Bachelors in Social Work; from University of Washington with a Masters in Social Work with an emphasis in Administration and Mental Health (1997); from Union Institute and University with her Ph.D. in International Pediatric Traumatology (2005). She currently holds a license in Clinical Social Work (LW 100009458) in the State of Washington. Dr. Gregory recently completed training at the Harvard School of Medicine Benson Henry Body/Mind Institute.

In addition to Heartland Counseling,  Jeni Gregory, Ph.D., LICSW, oversees a Regional Intervention Program that supports healthcare professionals in 22 states. This program has been recognized as one of excellence since its inception in November 2008..  She also serves on the Board of Directors of the International organization, World Change for Children, which has been serving in numerous countries since 2003. Dr. Gregory has been recognized as Outstanding Social Worker (2009 and 2006), Outstanding Alumni of Pacific Lutheran University (2005), “Our Hero” University Place School District (2001).   Humanitarian of the Year-Salinas California-1989.  She has been honored at numerous Public speaking engagements (up to 10,000 individuals) including:  functions regarding 9/11/01 events throughout the USA; Commencement speaker for University of Washington-2000; national and statewide functions focusing on trauma reduction and management, international speaking engagements focusing on Peace and Reconciliation.

Dr. Gregory is internationally recognized as a leading expert on working with children in cross cultural environments. Specific to her expertise is child soldiers impacted with Profound Catastrophic Trauma.  She has worked extensively with children around the world who have experienced horrific trauma.  Her work has included direct service and organizing communities to rebuild social infrastructures impacted by war, famine, extreme poverty.

In her private practice, she works with many children who have been adopted through international means and are struggling to integrate into their new family and cultural environment. Her knowledge comes from practical experience as well as formal academic training. Dr. Gregory and her husband, Fred, experienced international adoption with their first child.

She is a specialist in international pediatric traumatology.  She has published numerous peer reviewed journal articles and expects “One Love Deep in Africa:  Children of War in Recovery” (book) to be published within months.

Dr. Gregory and her husband have served as pastors together in various settings. Their children: Kristan, Sara, and Joshua, along with their spouses and children are really the pride of their lives.