There is a myth about being a humanitarian and giving aid to others. The myth lies in the outlook that the person with more gives to another with less. We challenge that notion of being a humanitarian. We put forward humanitarian aid as an exchange from one to another, an equal exchange, valuable to each human participating in the relationship.

As humans we each approach relationships with deficits.  In an exchange of humanitarian aid, each walks away from that union filled.  Each gains knowledge of the other, a piece of language and culture, and recognition of being human.  In the United States, we have the capacity to give monetary aid throughout the world. How does humanitarian aid differ? Imagine walking among societies that because of deficient economic conditions, have learned to prioritize basic needs that are without monetary value, such as conversations, relationships, friendships and family. The humanitarian aid that our volunteers bring home is learning to see life through the eyes of a society that from the youngest to the oldest, appreciates everything in life, and complains literally about nothing.

~World Change for Children, Board Members~

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